Please find a list of common questions and resolutions Additional Support Links
1.  How to register on the OIDPR DEPOTT Portal (Video)
2.  I forgot my password
3.  I forgot my user name
4.  I am a contact tracer, case investigator, or supervisor and need help with my timesheet
5.  I am a contact tracing supervisor and need help reviewing my staff's timesheets
6.  Some of my information is not correct
7.  Access and Self-Attest to Completed Trainings
8. Access and Self-Attest to Completed Trainings (Video)


Frequently Asked Questions:

I didn't receive a link to register on the portal, how can I submit my time?
If you didn't receive a link it is likely because you have already registered on the portal. Please follow these two steps to retrieve your user name and password. 
  I forgot my user name
  I forgot my password

Where can I find my position number information?
If you do not have this information on your home department timesheet, please reach out to your home department supervisor.

How do I clear my cache on my browser?
Instructions for Google Chrome 
Instructions for MS Edge
Instructions for Firefox 

Known Outages and Issues

  • Users with the Firefox browser saw the time keeping calendar with an incorrect sorting. (Status: Resolved@ 1/15/2020 - 12:15pm)
  • Users requesting a user name recovery may experience a delay in receiving the e-mail with their user name. (Status: Resolved@ 1/14/2020 - 7:43PM)
  • Some individuals will see multiple timesheets, we are working on a resolution for this, in the meanwhile please pick one and work off that timesheet. (Status: Resolved 1/21/20 @ 7:30am)

For all other portal help, please contact

LHJ Cross Data Sharing Help and Support Links:

  • LHJ Cross Data Sharing Quick Guide for Delegated Users 
  • LHJ Cross Data Sharing Quick Guide for Authorized Users

For all LHJ portal help, please contact

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